Systems & Operations Consulting

Simplify your business’s operations – and your path to wealth

Increase your business’s revenue through simplifying and streamlining your client experience processes so that they will have an outstanding experience and rave to all their friends about it – and in turn, send more business your way!

Is this you?

You are an expert, consultant, speaker, or C-suite executive who knows your business needs to operate more efficiently to get to your next level. 

You want to have confidence in your systems and automations so you can stop worrying about every step.

You identify as a cause-driven, minority woman-owned CEO whose work is tied to lifting up the voices of marginalized communities. 

It’s just that…


You are not taking on bigger opportunities that will help your business grow because you worry you might not have the capacity or be able to hire the right fit fast enough.

You are currently trying to get all your ducks in a row, like getting the business streamlined and legit before going full-time or scaling your business.
You’ve got tech and systems, but are not using it to its full potential, and you want to finally stop worrying about processes
You are ready to take back your time by increasing your and your team’s capacity, so that you can enroll more clients and make more money!

Imagine this:


Everything in your business just runs smoothly – sales, client onboarding, project delivery, post-project support – a well-oiled machine!


Your team knows exactly what tools to use, when, and how (so you can ACTUALLY stop worrying about your systems!)


You and your team are able to focus on being creative and earning new clients, without things falling through the cracks. 

You know you want this, and you want it done fast, so that you can pivot into BIGGER deals (and mo’ money!!) with confidence

Hi, I’m Alicia Lozano


I’m the CEO and founder of Zero to Entrepreneur.

We specialize in Operations & Change Management Consulting, partnering with minority women-owned small businesses AND corporate side hustlers ready to take their business full-time. We help them simplify and streamline their client experience processes through done-with-you & for-you operations strategy and consulting so that they will feel less overwhelmed and more in control of their path to wealth. We want our clients to fully experience life and have the extra income to invest in the causes that will change the world.

Our way of simplifying systems

5 Steps to Confident Systems

During our time together, we walk through this 5-step process to streamline your operations and get you to feel CONFIDENT in your systems. You deserve to have systems & processes you can trust to have the perfect blend of automation and personal touch. We will also give you the tools to lead organizational change and ensure that the “new way” is adopted by your team. My signature process get’s your biz out of chaos and on the path to sustained momentum.

Our Offers

The Ultimate Confident Systems Strategy + Consulting Service - DONE FOR YOU

In this service, we will systematize your entire funnel. for one offer. DFY solution for those that want to move fast or don’t have the time or team capacity to do it themselves.

The Ultimate Confident Systems Strategy + Consulting Service - DONE WITH YOU

In this service, we will systematize your entire funnel. for one offer. DWY solution is best for folks who have at least one strong operations do-er on the team or if the CEO’s willing to do the implementation.

Confident Systems Strategy Service

In this 90 min session, we will focus on systematizing one of the four customer experience systems for one offer. Lead, Gen, Sales, Delivery, or Post Delivery Phase of the customer journey.

The Workflow Studio Membership

All the tools, templates, training, support, and community you need as a service-based solopreneur to consistently streamline your systems & processes, with new products added every single quarter.

We help you simplify your journey to wealth

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About you, your vision & heart connected work

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Support, Mentorship, and Accountability



To close the gap

I know it’s hard to run a team, take care of clients, and keep it all together while trying to grow a business.

After going through my process, Riah, VA agency owner was finally able to free her time up and write the book she had been dreaming about.

Crysta, DEI consultant, was able to enroll her B2B clients with more ease and find her right fit OBM to help sustain momentum.
Kristen Westcott, copywriter, was able to bring on her new team member with ease. She knew exactly how to train her on what to do and when to do it.
Christina, social media strategist, felt more at ease when a new client enrolled because she knew everything was in it’s place and ready to go.

Victoria, gen z hair stylist, grew her clientele because she simplified and streamlined the tasks that were generating revenue.

What clients are saying

I hired Alicia Lozano for my company’s operations and systems which the company moving and grooving behind the scenes. Though she’s an expert in business operations, Alicia tailors everything to your client’s experience. And I love the focus on those we are serving! Go to her if you need support making your business run properly.

Chrysta Wilson,  CEO of Wilson And Associates Coaching and Consulting
Chrysta Wilson,

Amazing. I see what we need to do so much clearer now and was amazed at how thorough her process was. I project that I’ll be able to add an additional $4000 of revenue each month.

Riah Gonzalez,  CEO. Linq Consulting Solutions
Riah Gonzalez,

I know now that I can save time by batch-creating content, my calendar is more organized, and I know that my clientele will increase by implementing the ideas that we came up with together.

Victoria Salazar,  CEO of Cuts By V
Victoria Salazar,

3 Steps to Work with Us

Step 1

Jump on a Call

It’s important to me to make sure that we choose the best service for you at this time and that I am the best service provider for you. Therefore, we start with a no-obligation interest form & chat!

Step 2

Pick your level of support

We have done with you and done for you options available. On the call, I will review what both levels of support look like and you can decide the best fit option.

Step 3

Enroll & Get Started!

I’ll send over the contract and invoice for you to enroll then we will get the ball rolling!

Our Beliefs

Do heart-connected work
Simplify tasks
Persevere through the messy middle

Let us talk to find out how we can help you simplify your systems to amplify your wealth