A big change! Introducing the Customer Experience Operations Audit

Written by Alicia Lozano

On September 21, 2022

Things have been changing over here at The Motivated Co so I thought it was about time I explain it! 

But before I dive into all of the juicy details, I promise that all these changes are for the better!

Allow me to introduce my new and improved audit

Soooo, what is this big change? 

Well, if you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that my core offer is my Business Operations Audit. 

During this audit, I take a look at 7 key pillars in your business and assess where you were at with each one and how you could improve your operations within each to make your business more efficient and effective! 

These 7 pillars were client experience, finance, marketing and visibility, operations, sales, executive management and HR and team. 

So what’s the big change?

Well, I’d like to formally introduce you all to the Customer Experience Operations Audit! 

She’s a bit like the Business Operations Audit…but better and a lot more aligned with how I like to help my clients! 

The biggest similarity is that it’s still an audit. I’ll still be evaluating the current state of your business operations and then diving deep to see what you’d like the future state of your business and using all of my operations knowledge to bridge the gap! 

However, I’m looking at everything under a different lens: The lens of the customer experience. 

I’ll explain why I’ve made this change later but first, I want to give you a brief rundown on the practical changes.

The logistics 

Okay, let me tell you how this audit is changing! 

The biggest change is probably the pillars I look at. Although technically I’ll still visit most of the 7 pillars I listed above, I’m narrowing it down slightly to have a more concentrated look at them through the customer experience lens (I explain why in the next section!).

In the customer experience audit, I’ll be looking at the 4 key phases of the customer experience. I have created these 4 phases based on the typical customer stages you’ve probably heard talked about in the context of a sales funnel! 

I’m talking about awareness, consideration, decision, purchase, loyalty retention and nurture. 

I’ve taken these and grouped them according to the real journey your customer goes on when they work with you. There are also only 4 which is a lot easier for a business owner to remember and work with! So what are they?

Phase 1: The prospect experience

This phase includes the experiences your potential client has in the awareness and consideration phase. It’s all about how your brand is emerging onto the scene and how it’s coming across to your potential clients. 

Phase 2: The sales experience 

This phase includes the experiences your potential customer has after making the decision about their solution. This phase continues all the way through purchasing your product/service. 

Phase 3: The delivery experience 

This is all about the onboarding and delivery experience you offer to lock in that loyalty. It involves every follow-up, status update, coaching call, and anything else that you do to move your client towards the transformation. 

Phase 4: The post-delivery experience

This is the final stage and includes the retention and nurturing stages and is kicked off by offboarding. This is how you grow your clients and keep them a part of your squad. 

Each of these stages will be looked at in depth by me and after we set an overall goal for you to achieve, I’ll start identifying all the ways you can start incorporating operations, systems and processes to truly elevate your business through your customer experience. Making your business more efficient, streamlined and a generally happier space to be in! 

The ‘why’ behind the change

Technically speaking, there are 2 main reasons I’ve made this change! 

Reason number one is for my clients and reason number 2 is for me.

By changing the lens I look at your business through, I’m expanding a really prominent part of your business. I noticed that previous clients of mine found the most value from anything that involved the customer experience from the original process. 

It became pretty apparent that this was the most beneficial part of the audit and when changes were made, my clients saw the biggest improvements, got some incredible feedback from clients (getting them those raving fans), and ultimately, it made the biggest difference to their revenue, which is amazing! 

The second reason for the change is because since starting my business, I have changed! 

When I created the original audit, it didn’t come straight from my heart. I based it on what my competitors were offering. Although my process was unique I mirrored every other systems audit I could find in my research. 

It’s very easy in the beginning to do what the market is doing and offer what the market says you should. This is simply because if you’re new in your business, you don’t necessarily have your own market research to go off, client feedback, or your own validation!

But as I’ve evolved as a business owner and in the operations space, I became able to craft an offer that I felt my clients needed more and one that felt heart-driven. What’s most important to my clients is that they get their customer journey systematized, organized, and automated without losing their personal touch. 

And I am allll about providing an incredible customer experience, I really believe it’s at the core of any successful business so helping people create this through operations is a dream. 

So there you go!

If you want to find out more about the Customer Experience Operations Audit or want to work with me yourself, click here! 

P.s I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this stage in my business, allowing me to lead with my heart and create an offer that genuinely helps others in a unique way. It means the world! 

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