Written by Alicia Lozano

On March 16, 2022

Hey hey hey! Today is a very exciting day because it’s the day my first blog goes live (can I get a ‘hell yeah’??) 

So I wanted to start off by taking a moment to introduce myself, give you a bit of background, explain how I operate, and just generally what to expect from this blog moving forward! 

Let’s get started!

Nice to meet you, I’m Alicia

First of all, I’m so excited to be talking with you through my blog! But if it’s your first time reading any of my content, I want to take a minute to introduce myself properly! 

Starting with the basics:

My name is Alicia Lozano and I’m the founder and CEO of The Motivated Co, a business operations and implementation business! 

But getting to this point wasn’t always the goal (or what I set out to do!). 

I didn’t even know what operations were in May of 2020. I knew it was a pillar of many businesses but I had no clue exactly what that meant, let alone that it could be a foundation for me to build a business on!

Let’s go back to school days real quick…

I have a master’s degree in organizational development and leadership that gave me the foundation to be an operations expert for online entrepreneurs. However, as I’ve said, this wasn’t the original plan when I did my degree! You could actually say I fell into operations by accident but I’m so glad I did!

Let me explain.

After completing my degree and becoming a (proud) corporate dropout, it’s safe to say I was a proper side hustler. In fact, I had been a side hustle for 3 years before I found operations and had tried allll different types of businesses. 

I was a home organizer, a digital organizer, a life coach, and a motivational speaker! But then something happened…after three years of hustling but nothing really clicked like I felt it should, one of my friends asked me to write her an SOP. 

Now I had no idea what an SOP even was but I said yes and went straight into research mode! And when I started writing the SOP, I had an energetic shift and I just knew this was it.

It might sound super woo- woo but I just knew at this point in time,  I was meant to do this! And I hate to be all ‘I found my zone of genius’ but…I knew I’d found my zone of genius!

And from there, I started to build my business with a mission to make next-level success easier for burnt-out and struggling CEOs through streamlining operations and systems so they can make more income and a bigger impact. 

Some other important things to note about me:

  • I’m a mum to 4 rescue pups (this is very important). 
  • I love to dance 
  • I’m a very energetic person who is multi-passionate!

So, now you know a bit more about me, here’s…

What to expect from the blog

A really important part of my business model is my belief system and this is what I use to fuel what I create and how I run my business. 

From this belief system has emerged 4 main content pillars which I want to share as they will give you a taste of what to expect from this blog going forward! 


Automation is a very crucial part of my business and what I do for other people.


So many reasons! Firstly, incorporating automation into your business can dramatically increase the quality of your customer service. Make your customer’s journey easier, more streamlined and more efficient for you! 

It can also create space in your business as well as the time freedom and mental clarity that allows you to explore things outside of your business. This leads me nicely onto the next pillar…

Multipassionate life 

We are multi-passionate people. 

And if you’re anything like me, your business isn’t your whole personality. Instead, it’s simply one facet of you! 

You’re a multifaceted person and your business is just one of many pieces that make you, you!

One of my passions is using my offerings (like help with automation) to enable you to get to a place where you have the finical stability to explore your other passions and desires.

You want to be on stage, you want to be writing books, to be building other business (and so much more) so let’s make that happen- let’s make that your reality! 

We can create a business that supports the depths of your life and that is fine if you step away for some time to explore these other passions. 

Looking to the future 

In my corner of the internet, we are excited about the future and are determined to make it what we want it to be. Especially so we can explore those different passions we were just talking about! 

This means that one of my biggest goals is to help people see the future of their business as a clear pathway to their vision. 

But how do we do this? 

By setting yourself up now so you can be good to the future you (you’ll thank yourself later, I promise!). This looks like implementing strategies, systems and automation that allow you to create the future you really see for yourself- the growth doesn’t have to stop where you are now!

Well-oiled machine

This pillar comes as a direct result of the other 3! 

We want to get you out of that feeling where you are stuck in the day-to-day tasks and instead, we want to make your business run efficiently and seamlessly so you can hop off the struggle bus and on to disruptive CEO train so you can expand your impact! 

To turn your business into this well-oiled machine, you need to start looking at any gaps in your systems and processes. It’s also about finding ways to step out of that small-business mindset! We don’t want any small business energy around here! 

Let’s keep reaching for that next level.

So, that’s what you can expect from this blog! Education on all of the above and generally an empowering space that helps you get jazzed up to create a business that enables you to explore your multi-passionate nature whilst making a real impact in your communities. Leaving your clients feeling like they are a part of a movement bigger than themselves!

Ready to level up? Let’s go! 

And if you can’t wait for my next blog, come and say hi on my Instagram (warning: the page contains high-energy content!). 

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