Introducing the Workflow Studio Template Shop!

Written by Alicia Lozano

On October 17, 2022

Friends, I’ve got something really exciting to share! 

I’m going to be launching a Click-Up template shop!

Allow me to introduce you to …The Workflow Studio Template Shop!!!

You know ya girl over here is all about organization and making your (and my) life easier and Click-Up templates have been a real asset to my business so I thought it was only right to share! 

To start off with, I’ll be launching two:

  • The Ultimate Relationship Management Bundle with a connection tracker, leads tracker, and client master list. 
  • The Social Media Content Hub which includes the system from concept to tracking metrics. 

Both of these are designed to take the pressure off and make your life as a busy business owner just that little bit easier! 

If you want to know more juicy details about them all, you can find out more here, but today I’m going to share with you how these came to be with the story of the one that started it all; The connection tracker.

Knowing your strengths…and your weaknesses

Relationship building for me, in terms of entrepreneurial skills, is one of my lowest level skills.

I think this comes from me never really being great at building friendships and relationships in my past and this has followed me into my business journey. 

So much so that when it came to business I really felt like my business success was about to be determined by my biggest weakness. 

I quickly came to the realization that there wasn’t going to be a way around relationship building in my business. 

I mean, how was I going to grow my business without talking to people and building up my relationships? 

Answer: I wasn’t!

So I knew I had to find a way around it. The only thing I had to figure out was why building relationships felt so hard to me. 

It wasn’t until I started talking to people, became a part of the Advanced Networking Group, and started to get more visible with coffee chats and things, it became clear to me.

Probably one of the biggest reasons I didn’t particularly like spending my time trying to build relationships is because it drains my energy. 

I give a lot of energy to people when I talk to them so after I would be zapped. 

This makes a lot of sense because although your girl may feel comfortable on the dance floor, I’m no extrovert! 

So with this knowledge, I knew I had to figure out a way to leverage my support (my VA & my tech – ClickUp) to make this whole process of establishing, building, and maintaining relationships easier. 

Enter the connection tracker

So I decided to turn to ClickUp and start building a connection tracker. Something that would help me stay on track and hopefully manage my relationships.  

Initially, I used it for organization purposes but then I got my VA to work the tracker, engage with my audience and note important things about my contacts that would help me to build stronger relationships. 

Not in a creepy way! Just noting down things like any upcoming launches or birthdays so I could congratulate them or wish them a happy birthday when the time came. 

Suddenly, it became a really helpful tool, allowing me to manage my relationships better without all of my energy being zapped! 

If I wanted to engage with someone, all I have to do is head to my tracker, see how what they’re up to, and go from there. It gave me a lot of free space in my mind and managed to help me see building relationships in a new light- making it easier! 

The tracker upgrade

Then I decided to add another element to the tracker which I’ve found has truly helped me as an ambivert because one of my biggest struggles is knowing how to build relationships. 

Unlike my extremely extroverted friend who knows exactly what to say/do and when which allows her to make friends and build connections almost instantly with people, that doesn’t come naturally to me! 

So again, I decided I needed to be proactive and find a way to do this my way! 

I decided to start setting relationship goals for each of the people in my connection tracker. 

The idea came to me while reading the book ‘Building a Crime Analysis Legacy’ by Dawn Reeby. 

In the book, she has a chapter on relationship goals which are

1) Build your relationships

2) Grow your relationships

3) Nurture your relationships

4) Maintain your relationship 

Then, your goal informs your next steps.

For example, if you had just met someone, the goal would be to build a relationship and you would use a specific strategy to do this. In this case, it would be talking to the person more frequently. 

If the goal is to grow the relationship, the strategy would be to deeper the relationship by having more meaningful and deeper conversations.

If you wanted to nurture an existing relationship as you’ve noticed it has a bit of a gap that needs closing, you would want to look for an opportunity to reach out with empathy. By this, I mean congratulating them on a recent success or even wishing them a happy birthday!  

The final goal is maintaining a relationship when it has already been established. The strategy here would be to create memories and impressions with the other person. Business wise this could look like planning a collab, referring them to others, or sharing their content. 

Now, you not only know where you are with someone in the relationship journey, you know what to do as well to nurture and maintain the relationship. 

This has worked so well for me that I simply had to share it and so the Workflow Studio Template Shop was born!

Of course, as I mentioned in the beginning, this isn’t the only template I’m going to be uploading to the Workflow Template Shop! I’ve also launched a Social Media Content Hub tracker (and I’ll be creating more as time goes on!). 

If you want to find out more or snap one up for yourself if you’re ready for your life as a business owner to get easier and more organized, just click here

Ahhh, I’m so excited! 

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