The Customer Journey And How It Can Benefit Your Business

Written by Alicia Lozano

On June 15, 2022

Everyone knows that a good customer journey is important. But it’s the sort of thing that casually gets lost as your business gets bigger! You end up just functioning. 

You’re just giving whatever customer experience naturally happens without really thinking about it too much!

You forget to think about what it actually means to give a good customer experience. 

So take this as your sign to stop and think about your customer service and the journey your customer goes on! 

It needs to be a systemized and actual process that works in your favor and cultivates and elevates the experience your customers have. 

Let’s be real. We don’t want your customer experience to be just good and get some nice feedback… we want your customers to be so happy with your service and their experience that they turn into a whole cheerleading squad for you!

What is the Customer Journey?

So let’s go back to the basics for a moment. A customer’s journey is quite literally the journey a customer goes through when working with you. 

Defining it by outlining what happens once the client has paid and then developing it can be instrumental to the success of your business.  And I’m not just talking about the onboarding process here, but all of the interactions after that as well!

The benefits of having a good customer journey 

Okay, so I’ve been talking about how important having a good customer journey is, but I haven’t really talked about why it’s so important! 

Let’s jump straight in with one of the biggest reasons it’s so important. 

It allows you to carve out a competitive advantage! 

Competition is everywhere in the online space and you’ll probably find a few people are offering the same services as you. 

So how can you differentiate and stand out? By having an exceptional customer journey where clients feel supported and elevated throughout! 

By curating this up-leveled customer experience you’ll start to see another benefit: Adding longevity and lifetime value by retaining your current customers. Because why would they want to go elsewhere if they aren’t only receiving an amazing service, but also a great customer experience from you??

This of course turns them into raving fans…or like I said earlier, all your customers come together to form a whole cheerleading squad specifically designed to hype you and your business up! They feel a loyalty to your brand and will start advocating on your behalf which in turn can help generate new leads! 

This naturally leads to a gain in revenue which you can put back into your business to help it further expand and save on operational costs! 

What’s not included in the customer journey

There is one thing I really wanted to talk about in this blog and that’s something that should not be included in your customer journey when you are mapping it out and that is gifts.

The fact is, you don’t need to be buying gifts for your customers!

Save your money and focus on creating a ‘hype squad’ by anticipating your customer’s needs, delivering on your promises, connecting with them, and over-communicating! 

Because really, that is the best gift you can give them! 

If you’re ready to start developing your customer journey to make sure it really is the best it can be, then keep your eyes peeled for my next blog when I’ll be shedding some light on how you can do just that! 

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